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The Sonneberg Voice Makers


When you open the old workshop door, you will hear a deep growler sound. It is the Teddy Bear's familiar voice, but nevertheless you will see a Teddy Bear nowhere. You are in the workshop of a Voice Maker, where the old historical Sonneberg Growler Voices are made.


In former times the handicraft of a Voice Maker was a widespread profession, here in Thuringia amid of Germany's Toy Center around the old Toy-Capital Sonneberg. Many Family Clans were specialized only in this one work to make the voices for all the dolls and Teddy Bears, but today there are existing only two families in this region, who still have this knowledge to make voices. Dieter Karl belongs to one of these old traditional Voice Maker Families. Already his father and his grandfather made voices in their own little workshop, and already Max Hermann, the founder of HERMANN-Coburg, bought in the Twenties and Thirties the voices for his Teddy Bears there.


To bring the right sound into the voice is one of the great family's secret. This secret is handed down by generations. It is a lucky chance, that the son of Dieter Karl is interested to lean the handicraft of a Voice Maker. And his father teaches him well, so you can be sure, that the old traditional HERMANN Teddy Bears will growl on - today in the same like in the Twenties and Thirties - in the future and for all times.


The Old  Sonneberg Voices are availible over LESCH GmbH - Rödental


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