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The HERMANN-Coburg Jointing Room

Unjointed BearJointed BearUntil this point of time, when the Teddy Bear comes into the Jointing Room, the different components - the arms and the legs, the head and the body are separated from one another. Here in the Jointing Room it is the task of the workers to joint the Teddy Bear, that means to fix or hang on the limbs to the Teddy Bear's body. While the arms, legs and head are already stuffed and cottered, the body is still empty, so that the limbs can be fixed at the bodies inner side. The old traditional term for this work is in an English translation - "to hang together". Only when the Bear is jointed, it comes for a second time to the stuffing room, where the body has to be filled out.





Martin HermannSince the end of the Sixties, HERMANN-Coburg uses two special machines, which were developed by Rolf-G. Hermann together with his both cousins and their Teddy Bear companies. These jointing machines works by cutting and pressing the nails, which looks outside the joints of the arms, the legs and the head.



But still today, the holes in the body, where the nails of the limbs have to be pushed through have to be stabbed by hand and by the worker's feeling for the best position of the limbs. This is a very responsible work. Besides Martin Hermann (picture left), the grandson of the founder and the today's manager of the company, only two women of the HERMANN-Coburg factory are able to do this work, and whenever these female workers are ill or on holidays, Martin Hermann (picture on the left) himself helps to joint the Teddy Bears, so that the work gets ahead.




Gradually our little sightseeing tour comes to its end. But before our Teddy Bear where shipped around the world for the enjoyment of all the friends of our German HERMANN-Coburg Teddy Bears, we will still stop for a short moment at a very special, old and traditional place, the Painting Room.



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