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The HERMANN-Coburg Stuffing Room

Although some of the new generation Teddy Bears, which HERMANN-Coburg introduces, are not stuffed in the old original kind with excelsior, but with a special new generation material like granulate, nevertheless the Excelsior Bears take in now as before the main part of the HERMANN-Coburg Teddy Bear range.

For the most visitors, the stuffing with excelsior is the most interested part of the HERMANN-Coburg Teddy Bear manufacture. So we will stop our sightseeing tour for several minutes in the HERMANN-Coburg Stuffing Room.

Here you will be acquainted with:


The old stuffing tools

The traditional excelsior The tradition of excelsior stuffing
To stuff bears bears with excelsior The original growler voice

[ The Old Original Stuffing Tools ]
[ The Traditional Excelsior | The Tradition of the Excelsior Stuffing ]
[ To stuff Teddy Bears with Excelsior | The Old Original Growler Voice ]

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