B2B Poral
B-2-B Merchant Portal
Here you can
  •      Dealer and reseller
  •      Further processing
  •      Advertising agencies
  •      Industrial customers and others
  •      Major customers

Here in our shopping portal and paperless
  •      Placing and tracking orders
  •      Retrieve item master data or
  •      See article previews
The article presentation in the portal should also be a possible template for HERMANN-Coburg Online dealers for their own online shop.

All data in the portal are transferred 1: 1 from the current version of the HERMANN data DVD:

  •      Item Description
  •      Category classification (DVD offers 2 variants)
  •      Images
  •      Melodies
  •      Pictograms

Please ask for the latest version in our office

Login to B2B
If you would like to use the HERMANN B2B portal, you must first register with your company data. After checking your data, you will be enabled by us and your shopping wholesaleprices  will be displayed. For existing customers of our house, the release is effected within 1-2 business days.

New customers please enter your VAT Reg. Number (EU only)  within the registration. For new customers the examination and release may take a few days.

Any questions? Please call us or send an email to b2b-portal-hermann@hermann-coburg.de